Because accommodating individual disabilities is not always something that can be accomplished in the traditional workplace, self-employment offers a real alternative for entrepreneurs with disabilities. The flexibility of being able to set one’s own hours and adjust the physical workspace opens up new possibilities to those with marketable skills, talents, and the determination to succeed.

Easterseals Wisconsin’s Self-Employment Services and its partners help such clients develop and evaluate their business ideas according to both business feasibility and issues presented by their disability. Self-employment specialists work one-on-one with each entrepreneur, discussing the appropriateness of self-employment and evaluating the suitability of the business idea. Together, step by step, the specialist and the entrepreneur create a business plan. The specialist also connects the client with community resources and helps adapt them to address the client’s needs.

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Who We Serve

Easterseals Wisconsin Self-Employment Services program provides support to a wide variety of business ideas. Some ideas include:

  • Senior care (providing services to keep clients independent in their homes)
  • Hot rod car parts sales
  • T-shirt design & screen printing
  • Video music services
  • Jewelry design & creation (specializing in faceting semi-precious stones)
  • Wood working products (created by a client who is legally blind)
  • Carpet cleaning service

What We Do

Easterseals Wisconsin Self-Employment Services starts with providing an assessment for self-employment of initial feasibility and key issues, including referrals to local resources. Our specialist will give individualized assistance in business plan development with a guide to development along with referrals to classes or other community resources that may help in creating the business. The Self-Employment Services specialist will also provide a business plan review and assessment.

How We Do It

With the help of our specialist, Easterseals Wisconsin Self-Employment Services will address the many questions that come with creating a new business. Some of these questions include:

  • What sort of accommodations for disability issues can be made in a specific business?
  • Is self-employment the best option for this individual?
  • Is the business idea feasible?
  • How will the business idea be financed?
  • What other factors need to be accounted for in order to be a successful business?