Calf Project

In 2012, two farmers approached the Easterseals Wisconsin (ESW) FARM Program with an idea for a fundraiser. They suggested we find farmers who would be willing to donate a calf and then we would find a host farm to raise the animal. The proceeds from the sale of the animal would be donated to the FARM Program.

Since its inception, the Calf Project has raised $40,000 for ESW’s FARM Program. The project, now being reinvigorated, gives the Wisconsin farmer and the public a way to contribute that’s more than just writing a check. It’s contributing to the way Wisconsin eats.

The FARM Program, a service of Easterseals Wisconsin, has been providing support and technology assistance to farmers in Wisconsin since 1991. Two clients, Kevin Posselt and Jeff Purvis, came up with this way to pay it forward for the help they received.

ESW and AgrAbility of Wisconsin (AAW) recommend technology updates to farmers who have physical challenges in their farming tasks, and ESW’s funding sources then provide this recommended technology to the farmer.

In recent years, funding has been reduced, but the partnership of AAW and ESW remain committed to provide farmers with support and assistance to find the resources they need to stay on the farm.


If you’re a farmer who raises beef or dairy cattle, donate the sale price of one calf after raising it for a specified amount of time.

If you’re not a farmer but would still like to contribute, you can donate directly to the FARM Program by contacting Melba Brown by email or call 608-237-1446.

Interested in helping? For more information contact Melba Brown by email or call 608-237-1446.