Agricultural Equipment Exchange Submission

As part of the FARM program, assistive equipment may be supported by partnering agencies and provided to the client.  This assistive equipment provides accommodation to their disability limitations while farming.  When no longer needed, the client may donate the item to this website for other to benefit from it.

If you own a piece of equipment you would like to sell or donate, or you are interested in a piece listed below, please complete the form below. If you have questions contact Melba Brown by email or at 608.237.1446.

Items Currently Available (click on image to enlarge):

There are times when certain equipment is no longer needed by a farmer; reasons include the inability to keep farming, death, or change in farm focus. For whatever the reason, knowing it was given to them encourages them to want to gift it on. The Agricultural Equipment Exchange (AEE) is a web-based resource for Wisconsin’s farmers with a goal of reducing the waste of serviceable equipment, making it available for others who can use it. By using this exchange program, equipment can be listed for sale by the owner, at a reasonable cost or free, and is marked as deliverable or available for pickup, along with the contact information.

Our FARM Rural Rehabilitation Specialists often have contact with farmers who need access to reasonably priced, used equipment. There are farmers who don’t qualify for funding through our separate funding sources, but can be helped in other ways by our specialists. When this equipment is donated to ESW and listed on the AEE site, ESW is able to offer this available equipment to these farmers.

However, the AEE is for anyone in need. The website is open to the public to utilize, you just need to login and either request a piece of equipment that is available, or make direct contact with the seller.