Disability HelpLine of Outagamie County

Made possible through a trust established by the estate of Loretta K. Ricker, the Disability HelpLine of Outagamie County is located in Appleton, Wisconsin and provides a variety of services to Outagamie County residents with disabilities. For more information, contact HelpLine Coordinator Pattie Slempkes by email or by phone at 920.832.0344.

The Disability HelpLine of Outagamie County provides disability-related information to individuals, their families and service providers looking for up-to-date information about services for those with disabilities. The goal is to try to alleviate some of the time, frustration and expense people experience navigating local, state and federal programs.

In select cases when no other funding exists, the Disability HelpLine of Outagamie County may be able to provide financial assistance to Outagamie County residents for disability-related equipment.

The Outagamie County Guardian Assistance Program provides free training, education, and support to guardians in Outagamie County. Attend a training, call with questions, or meet with staff when needed to help you fulfill your role as a guardian of person, estate, or both. View schedule for 2024 FREE Training Sessions.

In addition to group training, the Guardian Assistance Program also provides education and support to guardians on a one-to-one basis through phone, email, or office appointments. Some guardian questions and/or situations require the assistance of legal representation. No legal advice is given through the Outagamie County Guardian Assistance Program.

Contact us at 920.572.6313 or email OutagamieGuardian@gmail.com for questions or more information on free training sessions.

The Disability HelpLine of Outagamie County also partners with other community groups to help with projects that create local solutions to disability-related issues. They have been involved in the “community build” of an accessible playground, the development of a local Recreational Opportunities Handbook and have advocated on behalf of individuals experiencing difficulties with ADA para transit.

The Disability HelpLine of Outagamie County maintains a list (updated annually) of recreational opportunities in the Fox Valley area for children with disabilities. That list can be found here.