Avenues to Understanding

Avenues to Understanding is a disability awareness educational program for children and young adults created by Easterseals Wisconsin.

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The goal of Avenues to Understanding is to promote the inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities by helping Wisconsin’s youth to be more comfortable with their peers with disabilities and to gain an understanding of the types of architectural and attitudinal barriers that people with disabilities encounter daily.

Individuals, homeschooling families, public and private schools, Scout troops, faith and community-based youth groups, Key Clubs and Builders Clubs, etc., will find that they can take the concepts presented in Avenues to Understanding and explore them themselves, or with their families, classrooms, or groups. The Educator’s Guide has lesson plans, discussion starters, research and essay ideas, and suggested activities for young people from age 3-18.

Avenues to Understanding can be implemented at any time during the year. Individuals, teachers and group leaders can pick and choose from among the ideas and activities suggested, molding the program to fit their interests and any available time frame. For teachers, suggestions are also offered for working disability awareness concepts into standard school curriculum.
We hope you will join us in presenting these important life lessons to young people across Wisconsin. Please contact Mary Statz for questions regarding the resource materials and any questions you have regarding the curriculum.

Download Avenues to Understanding!