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Imagine a place where campers with disabilities are free to be themselves and valued for it. Where they are able to try new things and make new friends in an accessible, inclusive, and fun environment. Campers of all ages and abilities can challenge themselves, set goals and accomplish them – making the most of their camp experience. In this relaxed environment, families and caregivers can be confident their loved one is safe and taken care of, and in return, they receive a respite. Campers will have the time of their lives at a place they’ll never forget.


Camp Wawbeek Respite Camp
Goal Group Ratio 1:3 2:3 / 2:4
Youth & Teen Ages 7-18 Ages 3-18
High-Functioning Autism Ages 10-25 Ages 7-20
Transitions Camp Ages 15-25
Adult Sessions Ages 18+ Ages 18+
Older Adult Sessions Ages 40+ Ages 40+
Pioneer Camp Outdoor Camp for Ages 18+ Outdoor Camp for Ages 18+
Overnight Yes Yes
Inclusive Activities Yes Yes
Veterans Family Camp Veterans & Family Only


Camp Locations

*Please click on the camp’s name for driving directions*

Easterseals Wisconsin Camp Wawbeek
1450 Highway 13
Wisconsin Dells, WI  53965
Phone: 608-254-8319
Fax: 608-254-8310

Wisconsin Elks/Easterseals Wisconsin Respite Camp
W1550 Waubeek Road
Wisconsin Dells, WI  53965
Phone: 608-254-2502
Fax: 608-253-3027


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Camp Activities

A young counselor and an adult camper with disabilities are wearing hardhats and climbing gearAt Easterseals Wisconsin Camps, campers enjoy exploring the outdoors, living in a group setting that encourages social growth, and learning about themselves through our Challenge by Choice philosophy. Campers are encouraged to achieve their goals and try new things while we provide them with a safe environment in which they can go beyond their comfort level.

Our accessible camps share over 400 beautifully-wooded acres near Wisconsin Dells. Both Camp Wawbeek and Respite Camp provide a unique environment that allows campers to experience and learn things that parents and caregivers may not have the expertise, time, financial resources, or energy to provide. Our programming ensures that activities will be educational and always while having fun! Campers have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate, accessible activities which may include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Archery
  • Climbing Wall
  • Nature Programs
  • Singing & Dancing
  • Zip Line
  • Games & Recreation
  • Fishing
  • High Ropes Course
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Dances
  • Campfires
  • Pontoon Boat Rides
  • Field Trips


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Camp Wawbeek

A young camper holds two pool noodles The longest continuously-operating Easterseals camp in the nation, Camp Wawbeek began providing services to children and adults with physical disabilities in 1938. By striving to keep pace with the changing needs of our campers and community, Camp Wawbeek continues to evolve and thrive.

For any questions you may have regarding Camp Wawbeek, please contact our Camp office via e-mail or by phone at 608.254.8319 ext. 191 or dial 0 to leave a message. To view the latest Camp Wawbeek schedule, please visit our calendar. To find out how to register for Camp Wawbeek, visit our registration page.


Camp Wawbeek has a registered nurse living on-site and one counselor for every two-three campers. Provided they are able to succeed in a small group setting, all campers with physical or mild cognitive disabilities or those who need behavior support can attend Camp Wawbeek. Counselors are trained to meet the individual needs of each camper whether that’s assisting with personal care or providing emotional and social support as campers make new friends and try new activities. Parents and caregivers can take comfort in knowing that their loved one’s needs are being met, allowing them the opportunity to relax and reconnect with family and friends.

Program Activities

There is always something to do at Camp Wawbeek. When campers aren’t boating, fishing, hiking or swimming, they’re playing basketball, painting, racing through obstacle courses, exploring attractions in Wisconsin Dells, or flying through the air on a zip line! Everything is fully accessible and campers are encouraged to challenge themselves with new experiences and set goals for new accomplishments.

For campers of all ages, there is time to relax, make new friends, and reminisce with old ones. Evenings bring campfires, dances, special events, and each day ends with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Who Can Attend?

Camp Wawbeek serves children and adults – age 7 and older. During the summer, six-day Youth and Teen sessions are available as well as six-day Adult, Young Adult, and Transition sessions. Sessions are also available various weekends from September through May.


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Adult Sessions (18+)

A counselor wearing a cloth face mask helps an adult camper with disabilities make a paintingCamp Wawbeek divides its weekend and summer sessions by age, to provide engaging activities for the entire group, and encourage social development.

  • Adults Sessions
  • Older Adults
  • Pioneer Camp

For any questions you may have regarding our Adult Sessions, please contact our Camp office via e-mail or by phone at 608.254.8319 ext. 191 or dial 0 to leave a message. To view the latest Camp Wawbeek schedule, please visit our calendar. To find out how to register for camp, visit our registration page.


The general Adults Session is for anyone age 18 and older. This camp includes all of the fun activities you would want at summer camp with people your own age.

Older Adults

This camp session is for older adults, age 40 and older. If you are over the age of 40, however, you can attend ANY of the adult sessions, not just the Older Adults session.

Pioneer Camp

This program is designed for the adventurous-at-heart. Campers not only participate in the traditional programming at camp which includes canoeing, fishing, and swinging down the zip line on our accessible high ropes course, they take it a step further. To test their pioneering spirit, they also journey to a state park where activities include hiking, cooking over an open fire, and sleeping out under the stars.  Campers in these sessions spend as much time outside as they can. Campers must be aware that they will NOT be staying in the lodges, but camping outside.


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Youth & Teen sessions (Ages 7-18)

A counselor hold a camper in the poolJust as Camp Wawbeek has specific weekend and summer sessions for adults, there are specific dates for youth as well. The Youth and Teen Sessions are for ages 7-18 with a special 4-day holiday session taking place between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

  • Transitions or Young Adult sessions
  • High-Functioning Autism

For any questions you may have regarding our Youth and Teen sessions, please contact our Camp office via e-mail or by phone at 608.254.8319 ext. 191 or dial 0 to leave a message. To view the latest Camp Wawbeek schedule, please visit our calendar. To find out how to register for these sessions, visit our registration page.

Transitions Program

Transitions Camp weekend sessions are held throughout the school year and summer at Camp Wawbeek for campers ages 15-25 who are ready to learn about setting goals, caring for themselves independently, work, money, how to cook, and how to work together with peers. Activities are intentionally planned to learn something new while also having fun – exactly what camp is all about! Campers who meet the Camp Wawbeek criteria are able to attend the Transitions program.

High-Functioning Autism

Approximately 1.5 million Americans have some form of autism. To help meet the needs of this growing population, Easterseals Wisconsin has created sessions for campers ages 7-20 with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism (HFA) spectrum disorders. These sessions are for campers who have a primary diagnosis of HFA, Tourette Syndrome/OCD, ADD/ADHD, or similar traits.

Campers are divided into age groups and take full advantage of Easterseals Wisconsin’s 400 beautifully-wooded acres as they engage in age-appropriate activities designed to promote positive social interactions. Our well-trained staff members are always on hand to encourage participation in activities, and to assist in fostering relationships between the campers, helping them to form friendships with their peers. They also ensure that each camper’s emotional needs are met.


Respite Camp

Two campers pose with arms around each otherRespite Camp is a safe and nurturing place where campers are provided with the care and support they need while their parents and caregivers can take a break from the day-to-day caregiving role they find themselves in.

Operating year-round, the Wisconsin Elks/Easterseals Respite Camp is unique. Not only are we one of the only programs in Wisconsin that provides overnight, individualized respite care, but we also accept campers with severe and multiple disabilities who have been turned down by many other programs. Our focus is on our campers. We want to provide them with a similar camp experience their peers are able to have, while providing a respite to their families and caregivers.


We provide individualized support and care at Respite Camp, and strive to help campers improve their social skills by matching them with other campers of their age in a group of two staff with three campers or two staff with four campers. This ratio is continuously maintained by our experienced program and leadership staff, stepping in when needed for that extra support. Each camper’s around-the-clock counselors ensure that the camper’s daily routine is maintained at camp. These trained and caring counselors are assisted by 24-hour program staff and volunteers and are supported with the expertise of our on-site registered nurse. Parents and caregivers can take comfort in knowing that their loved one’s needs are being met.

Program Activities

This is where the fun begins! The small ratios that Respite Camp provides leads to activities that can be carefully tailored to meet the recreational, social, and emotional needs of each and every camper.

Campers can take part in tractor-trailer rides, enjoy swimming and nature hikes, and experience the thrill of our high ropes course, climbing walls, and zip lines. A variety of arts, crafts, sports, and games are offered (on rainy days and in cold weather, we have a gym full of equipment so that the fun is uninterrupted), and our accessible playground and sensory rooms are available at all times. There are also field trips to pumpkin patches, zoos, and attractions in nearby Wisconsin Dells.

For any questions you may have regarding Respite Camp, please contact our Camp office via e-mail or by phone at 608.254.2502 ext. 191 or dial 0 to leave a message. To view the latest Respite Camp schedule, please visit our calendar. To find out how to register for Respite camp, visit our registration page.


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Veterans Family Camp

A family poses together at Easterseals Wisconsin Veterans campTwice a year, a free Veterans Family Camp weekend is held at Easterseals Wisconsin Camp Wawbeek in Wisconsin Dells for military veterans and their families. One weekend takes place in the fall and one in the spring. Click here for the most recent calendar dates. These weekends are meant for families to reconnect with each other and network with other veterans while having a fun and relaxing weekend with many optional planned activities. Activities include: fishing, archery, high-ropes course, arts and crafts, making s’mores, and other “Dells” activities such as a trip to a water park.

Who can attend?

Family members may include spouse or significant other, children, parents, grandparents, etc. The camp is available to all veterans, recently-returned or those whose service was far in the past. Private to semi-private family lodging, food, all activities and trips are included, in a beautifully-wooded 400 hundred acre setting just outside the city of Wisconsin Dells.

Additional Information

If you, or someone you know, is a veteran who might be interested, please contact our Camp office via e-mail or by phone at 608.254.2502 ext. 191 or dial 0 to leave a message. The Veterans Family Camp weekend is offered at no cost to the veteran or their family through generous contributions to Easterseals Wisconsin.
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Sponsor a Veteran!

The biannual Veterans Family Camp relies on donations from the community. Easterseals Wisconsin’s partnership with AmeriCorps makes possible the Veterans Coordinator position. In this role, the AmeriCorps member serves as the community outreach liaison. They are responsible for conducting campership mailings in search of funding, coordinating with veteran groups for recruitment, and Easterseals Wisconsin staff and volunteers to ensure that camp runs smoothly and everyone attending has a great time.

Would you like to sponsor a veteran and their family through a Veterans Family Camp Campership? Donations ensure that we are able to continue offering this camp FREE of charge to these courageous individuals who have served our country and protected our freedom!

Donate to Sponsor a Veteran!

Partnership with Access Ability Wisconsin

Easterseals Wisconsin Partners with Access Ability Wisconsin for Veterans Family Camp Connecting More People to Nature
Access, Independence, and Dignity in the Community

Easterseals Wisconsin, in partnership with Access Ability Wisconsin (AAW), is proud to announce the upcoming Veterans Family Camp, to be held from April 26-28, 2024, at the scenic Easterseals Wisconsin Camp Wawbeek located at 1450 Highway 13. This special weekend retreat is designed exclusively for military veterans and their families, providing a unique opportunity to relax, engage in enjoyable activities, and foster meaningful connections in an accessible, inclusive environment.

The Veterans Family Camp offers a range of activities available for all ages and abilities, including fishing, archery, high-ropes courses, arts and crafts, and local excursions, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to the collaboration with AAW, the camp will also feature innovative outdoor wheelchairs, enabling participants with mobility challenges to explore over 400 acres of beautiful woodland independently and safely. Click here for full press release >>>

To learn more about AAW’s resources and programming, visit AAW’s website.

Do you know someone who could benefit from AAW’s resources? Checkout AAW’s network map.

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