Honorees Whether it’s in honor, tribute or celebration of a person, there’s no gift quite like giving back.

Recent Honorees

Beginning September 1, 2021

Honor Tributes

Alexander Joers
by Scott Joers

Ryan Ostertag, for Christmas
by Melissa Ostertag

Jeanne Pehoski
by Susan Meyers

Marriage of Casey & Carolyn Sweeney
by Kayla Pipho

Memorial Tributes

Timothy P. Fisher
by Richard Flatau
Polly LaMontagne

Janna Gardner
by Kimberly Thakur

Mary Jane Glime
by Valerie Dalebroux

D. Grover
by Jeanne Nelson

Bill Holley
by Devery Cash

Charles Kratochwill
by Paul Untiet

Steven Snow
by Jon & Dawn Turner

Ed Stetzenbach
by Cathy Gilbertson, Char Olson, Jim Hartman, & Denise Anderson

Harvey & Helen Thomas
by Steven Tromp

Jean Tromp
by Steven Tromp

Ken Vodak
by Mary Ackerman
Virginia Gritton Trust
Mary Vodak
Karen Walheim