Honorees Whether it’s in honor, tribute or celebration of a person, there’s no gift quite like giving back.

Recent Honorees

Beginning September 1, 2020

Honor Tributes

David Andreoni, for Christmas
by Julianna Andreoni

Deanne Bates
by Brian Fons

Bates Family
by Brandi Alfaro

Mason Bates
by Ava Ford
Jill Hunter

Kathy Beggs, for her Birthday
by Michael Thompson

Butteris Family
by Tina Butteris

Camp Wawbeek Staff
by Joel Eckhardt

Riley Carraher
by Bonnie & Mark Barnes

Wayne Corey
by Gary Antoniewicz

Ben, Molly, & Isaac Flierman
by the Carol Lavin Bernick Family Foundation

Alexander Joers, missing camp in 2020
by Scott & Cindie Joers

Mary Krall
by Katherine Enz

Rod Opsal’s Retirement
by Tim & Jane Mitchell

Stacy Opsal
by Patsy Opsal

Ken Saville
by Linda Taleck


Memorial Tributes

Peter Eltink
by Wayne & Diane Corey
Christine Fessler
Marie Klimas
Mark Miller
Oak Park Place of Menasha, LLC
Linda Riedener
Gary & Suzanne Rovner
Karen Schwartz
Lois & David Weber
Neil Weintraub

Janna Gardner
by Kimberly Thakur

Shirley Hodgson
by Katherine Moore

Jean Horn
by Wayne & Diane Corey
Andy Crooks
JAG Courts, Joy & Dave Royston
Jason & Beth Klawonn
Pat LeMire
Zach Morley
Bobbett & Jeff Shaub
John Teevan
Betsy Weidner
Tom Woodward

Kathleen Kiefer
by Judith & James Hronek
Tina Jurgensen

Rose Helen Nelson
by John Nelson

Wendy Peters
by Christine Peters

William C. Schloer
by Jane Ellen Schloer

James R. Snyder
by Marjorie & Richard Craemer
Germaine Erdmann
Leslie & Mary Morris
Bryan & Laura Rasch

Helen & Harvey Thomas
by Steven Tromp

Jean Tromp
by Steven Tromp