Honorees Whether it’s in honor, tribute or celebration of a person, there’s no gift quite like giving back.

Recent Honorees

Beginning September 1, 2016

Honor Tributes

Hunter Bolton’s Birthday
by Kris Burnstad

Nicholas Bolton’s Birthday
by Kris Burnstad

Christine Fessler
by Gordon Russell

Cyndi Garza & Chris Hemmer Wedding
by Melba & Richard Brown
Deborah & Scott Davis
Carla & Danny Lawler
Janet & Jeffrey Powell
Karen & Stephen Stuelke

Rachel Karch, for Christmas
by Julie Matthews

Jean Shaw, for Christmas
by Stacy Opsal

Liz Tittle-Foellmi
by Brianna Powvens

Memorial Tributes

Patrick Crooks
by Easter Seals Wisconsin

Marilyn Foster-Sitter
by Easter Seals Wisconsin
Kate & Mike Kotecki

Charlotte Hartzell
by Anonymous
Yvonne & Charles DeZwarte
Judith & Ralph Donaldson
Valerie Geller
Naomi Hackbarth
Barbara & Lester Hartzell
Deborah Hartzell
Joyce & Donald Hartzell
Rae Jean & Steven Hartzell
Linda & Lawrence Kufel
Taya & Dee Radman
Dolores & Patrick Slowey
Linda & Carl Wagner
Mary Whitrock

William Hegge
by Constance Polley

Trevor Kos
by Child and Family Centers of Excellence, Inc.
Gator & Sherri Gaydusek
Meredith Corp.

Margaret Langer
by Florence J. Williams

Fred Marlatt
by Richard & Judith Lindzy

Ray Marmastone
by Erick Borkowski
Jerome & Renee Epplin
Jon Guilfoil
Wally Iselin
John Lochner
Richard Musolf
Jeff Olson
Ric Severson
Kurt & Mary Margaret Smith
Patrick & Joanne Stephens
Clemence Tock

Yvonne Schmitt-Strohbusch
by James & Jane Anderson
Jerry & Sue Ebert
Elizabeth Howard
Nancy Howard

William M. Whitehouse
by Brookfield Kiwanis