In light of recommended guidelines to help contain COVID-19 (coronavirus), and after consulting our Camp medical advisor, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), Easterseals Wisconsin continues to be vigilant about offering opportunities for camp as well as hosting event fundraisers. Please refer to this page often, as we will keep information updated.

Camp During COVID Times – Camp Update

Now that summer has passed, the staff here at camp are breathing a sigh of relief. COVID-19 seems to be the most discussed topic in the camping industry, second to that seems to be staffing issues. We appreciate everyone’s patience as they waited for their rapid test results before checking in. Our staff were troopers and happy to be tested weekly, sometimes more than once. We were constantly on edge, checking to see how everyone was feeling, while also being sure everyone was having fun. Songs were sung, shirts and pillowcases tie-dyed, the pool full of laughter, and talent shows full of music. It was beautiful to witness after the quietness of summer 2020.

We couldn’t have held summer camp though without the support of our healthcare team! A BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Lea Cornell, Nurse Jen Feigel-Newlon, and Nurse Sarah Hubert. Their continuous guidance and support is immeasurable, and we wouldn’t have the policies and procedures without them. We look forward to the new camp season as we begin our weekend sessions.


Upcoming Event Fundraisers

Supporting Our Mission

As the country, the state, and our individual communities continue to move forward from the pandemic, your support of our mission is still critical. During 2020, we were forced to cancel major fundraisers and our annual campaign was heavily impacted as well. As we transition back to in-person camp sessions and events, while continuing to provide agency services to the clients we serve, we will need your support and understanding even more. Building back from a year of cancelled camp sessions and postponed events will be tough, but with partners such as you, we know we can do it!

If you are able to give, your donation will help ensure the vital services of Easterseals Wisconsin are still here when this pandemic is completely in the past. Thank you for supporting our mission – even during such uncertain times.

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Easterseals Wisconsin Staff

The majority of employees continue to work remotely, and we are encouraging electronic communications in place of face-to-face meetings.

We appreciate your patience and support of these efforts to limit direct contact. Our top priority is the health and well-being of our clients, employees, and volunteers.

We are actively monitoring the local and global health situation and will keep our website updated. We all hope for a speedy end to this crisis. However, we can ease the anxiety in the meantime by remembering that every person and organization is facing unforeseen challenges each day. We are preparing to make necessary changes to do our part to ensure the health and safety of all.