Annual Reports Easter Seals Wisconsin Annual Report

Letter from the Chair of the Board


Dear Friends,

I am delighted to be able to report to you on the continuing success of meeting our mission at Easter Seals Wisconsin. With your compassionate support, we continue to provide help, hope, and answers for individuals with disabilities and special needs and their families whose needs cannot be overlooked. We are inspired by the life-changing outcomes of our advocacy, our services, and the economic impact that our programs offer to individuals, families, and communities. Although we are providing the opportunity and expertise, the people we serve give back with personal growth, independence, confidence, and triumphs.

The outcome of Easter Seals Wisconsin’s efforts, to help individuals be self-sufficient contributors to society, allows them to live their lives with dignity.

As you will read in the following report, our programs have again excelled at meeting the needs of our communities. Camp Wawbeek served 1,271 campers and 808 campers were served at Respite Camp. Our FARM Program served 459 farmers. Self-Employment Services and the Disability Helpline of Outagamie County continue to assist and guide adults with disabilities toward independence and self-sufficiency.

The management, staff, and volunteers of Easter Seals Wisconsin are truly remarkable people, accomplishing exceptional results in the face of an ever-changing environment. Knowing there will always be challenges we must face, and that change is inevitable, the work at Easter Seals Wisconsin is first and foremost about the people we serve, their families, and their communities. It is through your generosity and partnership that the foundation for our continuing success has been built.

We thank you for your kindness and support and promise to continue to deliver the preeminent programs you can be proud of.

Pam Birschbach
Chair of the Board
Easter Seals Wisconsin


2016-2017 Annual Report