Annual Reports

Dear Friends,

This year, Easterseals Wisconsin is celebrating its 95th anniversary! Since 1926, we’ve been creating life-changing experiences and solutions for individuals with disabilities and their families. That is quite a long time. Of course, to do this, the agency has persevered through many challenging times—world wars, the Great Depression, and the Great Financial Crisis, just to name a few.

These challenging times can often feel like unreal and distant events that only prior generations of leaders, staff, board members, clients, families, and donors can relate to. And yet, while distant, we can appreciate at some level the strength and abilities of the agency today are somehow a function of how those challenges were navigated.

Last year, I shared how the agency was forced to pivot, prioritize, and serve in new and creative ways. The same was true this year, and I could not be prouder of how Easterseals Wisconsin’s leadership and staff rose to the challenge, maximized opportunities to serve clients, and used the environment to think creatively. I celebrate their achievements and applaud their strength amidst the headwinds. And of course, our ability to serve was and is only made possible by your generosity. Because of your support, Easterseals Wisconsin jumped on every opportunity to return back toward normal this past year. Although headwinds remain, we look forward to even higher levels of service this next year.

I love history and hearing stories about how this agency stepped up to prior challenges. It makes me appreciate past voices that stood up for others, past leadership that made difficult decisions, and past donors that gave because they knew life was about serving others. As I reflect on the past two years, I am encouraged and excited about the future.

As you read this report, perhaps reflect on the power of lifting others up. Think about those currently benefiting from our services because it was made possible by those that came before us. Think about future generations that will someday, maybe 95 years from now, think about what it must have been like in 2020/2021. And just as we look back at history, future generations will not fully relate, but will appreciate that what they see then is somehow related to what we’re doing now.


Jason T. Klawonn
Chairman of the Board
Easterseals Wisconsin


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