About Easterseals Wisconsin

For nearly a century, we have served people with disabilities in Wisconsin.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans will experience a disability at some time in their lives. In Wisconsin, that translates to nearly one million people. And, too often, people with disabilities are unable to access the services and support they need.

Since 1926, Easterseals Wisconsin has provided a variety of programs for people with disabilities including vocational rehabilitation, respite services, camping and recreation, information and referral, and public education. Services are designed to help people with disabilities live independently, become self-sufficient, and enjoy life more fully.

As one of the oldest charitable organizations in the state, Easterseals Wisconsin currently serves close to 10,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families each year throughout Wisconsin.

Revitalized Brand Launched September 2017

What happened to the lily? A Q&A on our new brand:

In September 2017, we rolled out our new brand. We know that you may have many questions about these changes at Easterseals Wisconsin. We’re here to explore the exciting new face of Easterseals, and share our invigorated vision.

Something looks different… We’re glad you noticed! In September 2017, we launched a new, revitalized brand as a re-introduction to the public as the indispensable resource for individuals and families facing today’s disabilities. It’s something our national organization focused on for almost two years, and we’re excited to share the results to our friends and supporters.

One thing we have not changed is who we support or how we make a difference. We remain deeply committed to people living with disabilities and their families.

Why now? Disabilities have become increasingly complex in the 21st century. The definition of disability itself is broader, going beyond the physical to include emotional, intellectual, social and educational issues.

Although we’ve evolved with the times, expanding in scale and scope to meet new and emerging needs in our communities, we know there are thousands more people who could benefit from our assistance, who just don’t know enough about us.

The new look is a continuation of an evolving organization. “The look is fresh and clean and revitalized, says Christine Fessler, Easterseals Wisconsin President & CEO. “We’re not changing the work we do. We’re still providing the same services in the community, but we want to become more relevant for the world we’re living in. We want people to look at this logo with a fresh eye and give us a second look.”

That’s where the good news starts! This new brand is a banner for us to change the way the world views and defines disability, not as a condition that labels people, but rather a part of life that affects all of us. To ensure we’re ready, we’ve challenged ourselves to think outside the box — or the lily, if you will.

Wait…what’s happening to the lily? The lily will always have a soft spot in the history of Easter Seals – a moniker of our most successful fundraising campaign in the 1950s – and while it certainly had a good run, the lily never spoke to the work we do every day in our communities.

Instead, our new logo speaks to our actions and unified voice. Intentionally all lower case, each letter is crafted to be open, accessible, readable, distinct…a visible expression of our commitment to be personal, honest, and determined.

The new design around our name appears as rays of light, hope and sunshine, radiating out from the “e.” The deliberate grouping of circles in the new logo symbolizes our breadth, our scope, our network, our communities, our individuals served – all coming together to fulfill our mission: to increase independence, maximize opportunities, minimize barriers, and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.

So is orange the new red? We sure hope so! We’re now Easterseals orange, and a little Easterseals yellow, with a secondary color of blue. Orange and yellow convey a personality that’s informal, warm and engaging, and exudes confidence and fearlessness…all traits we strive to live up to everyday. The blue of Wisconsin further signifies our affiliation with the Easterseals National brand.