Attention Amazon Shoppers!

Giving Made Easy – Attention Amazon Shoppers!

A simple switch from Amazon to Amazon Smile helps support Easter Seals Wisconsin programs. Use the link and select Easter Seals Wisconsin as your charity of choice. (You many have to manually enter it.) Amazon will contribute a portion of each of your purchase totals to Easter Seals Wisconsin. The amount is small, but over time, and with many people taking advantage of the Smile program, the benefit to Easter Seals can be significant.

Your Amazon Smile account mirrors your regular Amazon account. Logins are the same, items placed in your cart will be visible on both sites, you can check your orders from either location and Amazon stores your payment and shipping information in each. However, to qualify for the donation to Easter Seals Wisconsin, you must place your order from the Smile version of your account.

Truly, this is giving made easy! Thank you!

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