Transitions Camp Update By Rachel Howell, AmeriCorps Transitions Camp Coordinator

This year’s Transitions crew has been learning new skills, bonding with old friends, and making new ones − all while practicing their independence! Campers have been very dedicated, putting in lots of hard work and learning new things such as recycling, money management, and meal prep! Campers have also enjoyed having Ami from the FARM Program adding to Transitions this year. She’s brought new opportunities to the sessions, and her dedication to teaching them about careers in agriculture and food safety has been remarkable.

The campers have been very independent, making sure tables are set before meals and handling cleanup. Every Sunday they’ve cleaned the Van Wie Hall alongside staff, volunteers, and AmeriCorps members. I am so proud of these campers and all they’ve accomplished and will continue to accomplish in the future!

For our last weekend, we have been invited to assist with the Easter Seals Wisconsin Celebrity Basketball Challenge as team captain representatives, ticket sellers, and more! And we extend the invitation to all camper families and volunteers to join us at the game for FREE on Saturday, April 13th at Madison College! Click here for details and tickets. Use code CAMPFAM at checkout.

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