Bringing the Magic of Camp to Your Home! By Erin McKenna, AmeriCorps Camp Outreach Liaison

Glowing Bubbles Recipe*

Supplies: (per bubble color)
• 1 Bowl
• 1 Spoon
• 2 or more sheets of paper (As desired by camper)
• 1 cup of water
• 1 tsp of dish soap
• 1 squirt of glow in the dark or fluorescent paint
• Paint Brush (optional)

Use the spoon to mix together water, dish soap, and glow in the dark/fluorescent paint in a bowl. Lay out one sheet of paper. Have camper blow bubbles onto the sheet of paper. When finished blowing bubbles onto the sheet of paper, lay another sheet of paper on top of the bubbles and press down. Optional: Use the paint brush to paint the glow in the dark bubble mixture on a sheet of paper. You can find the recipe online at:

*Activity may be messy!

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